Workforce Initiatives in Licking County

Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 by Nate Strum

Over the past nine months, I have met with a number of site selectors and business owners looking to expand or grow their businesses here in Licking County.  During this time, I have heard inquiries about the housing stock, school systems, and recreational programming but there is one focus that ALL of these opportunities ask about:  workforce.  How is your workforce?  What is your available workforce?  What's the pipeline look like for your county (and region's) workforce?  Fortunately, we have a growing & talented workforce -- with local partners meeting last week to dig deeper to discuss more effective collaboration amongst all parties.

In short -- we have it covered.  In longer terms -- we are developing the pipeline to the 21st Century workforce by encouraging today's high school students to explore careers in the trades & manufacturing.  If you check out our "Why Licking County" page -- click "Workforce/Training Resources" to learn about our partners here in Licking County.  While you are at it, be sure to also click "Quality of Life" and check out our "Work" tab to see additional partners and funding resources.

The nation's workforce puzzle is still a work in process -- but fortunately, here in Licking County, we have local partners who are tackling it head on to keep our region's economy strong and balanced.

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