Top 10 Economic Development Blogs according to GIS Planning

Posted on Monday, April 4, 2016 by GROW Licking County

The economic development community is gaining traction and exposure nationwide, sparking dialogue and investigation into this somewhat obscure driver of economic growth. This is fantastic news for EDOs like GROW Licking County and others across the US that are desperately trying to convey the critical role their organizations occupy for growth.

The combination of expanded discussion, lightning-fast decision making, and continuing reliance on technology and the "internet of things" create an imperative to stay up-to-date and involved in global and national conversations regarding economic development. So, we asked the internet what are the best economic development blogs and found a great compilation of the top ten according to

We also like to keep up with Amy Liu, Vice President and Director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at The Brookings Institution. Her recent post "Why Economic Development Matters" is a great introduction to her work towards raising the profile of economic development and the issues and innovations on the horizon.

Some tried and true economic development practices will never lose their effectiveness, but a failure to keep up with changing trends and information could be the difference between landing projects and giving them away to nearby communities that have done their homework.

At GROW Licking County, we are contributing to the effort in economic development education and discussion with a brand-new training series called ED101-Connect. Click here to learn more about these free sessions.

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