The Past, Present, and Future of STEM in Licking County

Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2015 by GROW Licking County

Licking County, Ohio presents companies the opportunity to locate in the high-growth Central Ohio region. Specifically, the county is home to an economy that is historically strong, diverse, and increasingly focused on STEM-related employers. Over 3,000 employers call Licking County home. The largest concentrations of the workforce for those employers are in the hospital/health care and manufacturing fields, while no industry segment represents greater than 16% of total employment – a testament to the rich diversity of employers and talent within the community.


The local economy is anchored by a manufacturing base that has been a leading source of research and development for generations. Owens Corning, a global leader in commercial and residential building materials, has its origins – and the origins of the development of fiberglass – in Licking County. The company continues to manufacture innovative product lines from its Licking County production facility, while conducting product research and development for its worldwide holdings from the Owens Corning Science and Technology Center – also located in Licking County. Bayer MaterialScience conducts research, development, and production of advanced polymer products and solutions for worldwide application from its Licking County center. Research and applied development are hallmarks of Licking County’s business community.



Innovation, precision, and direct application of science and technology are also found in Licking County at the Central Ohio Aerospace and Technology Center. This business and research campus, is a linchpin of applied research and development for military and commercial customers. Virtual manufacturing labs and 3-D proto-typing are among the research “order of the day” among the Licking County firms doing business collaboratively in this location.  Boasting one of the nation’s largest concentrations of Clean Room space – this location is home to Boeing, the Air Force Primary Standards Laboratory, UTC Aerospace Systems, and a variety of other multi-tier technology-related firms. Primary research, testing, and applied science is integrated into products with national defense and private production applications.


It is not only the historic business base that represents, and recognizes, the value of a Licking County location for research across multiple strata. New firms and new technology are joining the ranks, as well.  Recently, a joint venture between a Central Ohio firm and a Canadian company resulting in the delivery of cutting-edge technology and new investment to Licking County. The research partnership, between Firefly Diagnostics and New Albany-based Chromocare Limited, will conduct genetic testing for drug compatibility, serving all elements of the medical industry. The operation, leveraging the latest in genomic technology, will call Licking County – specifically, clean room space within the Central Ohio Aerospace and Technology Center – home. Chromocare Limited President Jeff Garshon, commenting on both the Licking County community and the space in which the company will be working, observed, “We think it’s a world-class facility. The whole aerospace and technology center is wonderful. There’s nothing comparable…to us, it was just a much better choice.”



This commitment to technology – both research and applied – is demonstrated by companies throughout the county. Licking County also boasts a support network, designed to enable success in these arenas, and provide the talent necessary to facilitate that success. This network of assets includes:


There is an excitement around applied research and technology within Licking County. There is a commitment to doing the things necessary to enable its growth and success, and there is precedent – both historic and recent – to suggest that Licking County is a location in which companies that rely on technology, research, and science applications will grow and thrive.  


We are thrilled at the opportunities and possibilities being unlocked, every day, by Licking County companies and our STEM education partners. We are proud of the impact that these partnerships are making in our community – and our world – today, and for generations to come. We encourage you to contact us, to learn more about our community’s leadership in STEM application and the many exciting things taking place throughout Licking County.



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