Saving Lives -- One Pedal at a Time

Posted on Monday, August 22, 2016 by Guest Columnist - Nathan Arnold

Every August, the Central Ohio community comes together in the fight against cancer by participating in Pelotonia. This year, more than 7,000 people participated in this three-day experience all with one goal in mind: to raise money for cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and The James Cancer Hospital.  

Over the past seven years, more than $100 million has been raised and numerous treatments and cures have been found with the money generated through Pelotonia. It’s an absolute rush for me to be a small part in such a large cause. Licking County has a strong Pelotonia community where hundreds of Licking Countians work together through fundraisers, events and group rides to support this great cause.

That’s what I love so much about Pelotonia – its ability to bring people together. We all come from different walks of life, with different backgrounds and physical abilities, but everyone knows someone affected by cancer. Pelotonia offers a chance for people to come together and regardless of physical ability, bicycle between 25 and 180 miles in an effort to raise money and awareness.

This kind of community effort happens all across the country, but it was a special thrill to witness it firsthand in Licking County. Personally, I ride on Team Granville Pelotonia. As a resident of this community, it’s inspiring to see Granville come out in droves to ride, volunteer and show their support for the event. People were cheering, church bells were ringing and the feeling of togetherness was palpable.

Pelotonia is very special to me. I’ve been volunteering and riding for 7 years. In addition to bringing to community together, Pelotonia allows riders to see different parts of their own counties. It offers perspective and creates a sense of unity. Thousands of riders get to see the beauty of our community, many of whom have never been through the small villages and communities in Licking County. Pelotonia helps share what we have in such a positive way.

The benefits of Pelotonia reach far beyond our county. 100% of the proceeds benefit cancer research. And we can see those dollars at work in our own backyards. Researchers at The James are working to find a cure using the money raised from our ride. It is an incredible feeling to know that, in some small way, I was able to contribute to their efforts.


Nathan Arnold

Marketing Manager, Velvet Ice Cream

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