Reflections from 2015 to Now

Posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 by Nate Strum

I love the photo in this blog.  It was taken 3 days into my time with GROW Licking County -- and although my face might look serious, my eyes say I am terrified.  

It has been a wild 3 years.  In such a short time, we have created an infrastructure priority database, a full-on economic strategy, have facilitated numerous opportunities throughout the county, and have positioned Licking County to continue to thrive in the future.  

But we are not done yet.  Issues such as available (affordable) housing, transit & transportation, workforce recruitment & up-skilling are all on the horizon -- and allow GROW Licking County may not have a direct role in many of these conversations, our position as the county's lead economic development organization mandates that we continue to lean in on these conversations as well as share data and connections to help facilitate fruitful discussions that continue to grow our communities.

Be sure to check out our upcoming newsletter in January for more on this as well as my new favorite photo from the recent ED-411.

Happy Holidays everyone and here's wishing everyone a prosperous 2019 !!!

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