Licking County Posts New Peak In Total Employment, Civilian Labor Force

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 by GROW Licking County

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The Licking County economy - and the labor market that helps to fuel it - continues to perform at historic levels. According to data from the Ohio Bureau of Labor Market Information, Licking County has -  once again - recorded a new "high" level of Total Employment. The first three months of 2015, in fact, represent the highest numbers for employment since at least 1970 - with 83,300 Licking County residents employed in January, followed closely by 83,100 employed in March and 82,800 in February of this year. This bests previous highs achieved in each of the last two quarters of 2014.  


Similarly, the Civilian Labor Force data for 2015's first quarter contains historically positive news. Three of the four highest levels of Total Civilian Labor Force ever reported were achieved this year! January's figures reflected 88,100 Licking County residents actively participating in the labor force - the highest level ever reached. That figure remains historically high, at 87,200, in March. At the same time, Licking County unemployment is down nearly 1,000 people, on average, versus the same period last year - while employers can still draw from a regional pool of over 50,000 available workers! 





These figures, more than many other sets of data, speak directly to the strength of our local economy and workforce. They reflect both the strength and growth of local employers (Total Employment), as well as the quality and work ethic of our community's residents (Civilian Labor Force). The fact that both figures are at historic levels speaks to the many strong employers, successful collaborations, and growth opportunities available in Licking County.

Many, many factors - and partnerships - contribute to this level of success. One element of that is the diverse, high-quality sites and facilities our community has available for expanding and new businesses. You can read about Licking County's success in this arena on the "Succeeding In Licking County" portion of our website by clicking here.

More stories about Licking County's robust industrial and commercial real estate market, as well as features on the people and organizations that make our community so special, can be found by clicking here.

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