Licking County Economy and Labor Force Continue to Demonstrate Strength, Availability

Posted on Friday, June 19, 2015 by GROW Licking County

Figures released by Ohio's Bureau of Labor Market Information reinforce that Licking County is a location in which businesses thrive, and the workforce is both eager and available. Data from 2015's first quarter indicates that the total employment of Licking County residents is, once again, at historic levels. The highest levels of employment recorded since 1970 have been achieved each of the first 4 months of this year, passing 83,000.  Licking County's Civilian Labor Force has continued to reach peak levels, as well, with each month of Q1 2015 ranking among the highest since 1970.




Simultaneously, the county's reported unemployment (3,400) has matched its lowest post-recession level. Licking County's April, 2015 unemployment rate is the lowest since October, 2001. "We believe that these sets of data quantify what we know to be true about our community - that Licking County businesses are strong, nimble, and progressive, and that our labor force helps make that possible," noted Dan Evers, GROW Licking County Economic Development Director. "That each of these sets of indicators continue to be reported at historic levels, for several quarters in a row, reinforces the strength of our business community, the quality of our people, and the creative workforce development partners, and the collaborative community leadership that businesses can leverage for success here." 



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