It is About Relationship Building

Posted on Friday, April 8, 2016 by GROW Licking County

The success of our organization, and Licking County, depends on great partnerships. Read more on why from Johnstown Village Manager, and GROW Licking County board member, Jim Lenner:


It is About Relationship Building

Johnstown Village Manager, Jim Lenner, had a great opportunity to attend the MRO Americas Aviation Week in Dallas, TX this past week with City of Heath Mayor, Mark Johns, and GROW Licking County Economic Development Director, Nate Strum. The purpose was to promote the offerings of Licking County to the aviation, advanced manufacturing, distribution and logistics industry. Boeing has a huge impact in Heath, Ohio which has an enormous impact on the families of Licking County. The week consisted of face to face meetings with supply vendors, site selectors, consultants and many others to showcase our great community. Our workforce, including our relationships with training and technical institutions, was a huge selling point to those involved in the site selection process. We will follow up with those we made contact to gauge their interest in moving to our wonderful community.



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