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Posted on Monday, December 11, 2017 by Olivia Biggs

Why a “typical, uneventful day” can be perfect

One of the many reasons why I love living in Licking County is because of its modesty. At first, I thought about writing about all of the fun events, things to do, and places it has to offer. But then I realized, the best parts of my weeks are the simple and organic time I spend with my family.

A typical Saturday morning consists of a routine which makes me happy, relaxed, and healthy. From my front door, I am able to run a five-mile route along Raccoon Creek, past cow pastures and back past the historical Bryn Du Mansion. Then, my husband and I take our two kids to the Granville Farmers’ Market. Sometimes we drive, and other times we ride bicycles. We choose fresh, local produce and allow the kids to pick a treat and sit on the United Methodist Church’s steps.

On weekends we pack picnics and eat and play in the gardens at the Bryn Du Mansion. We ride bikes to Ross’s Granville Market to grab local meats to grill for dinner on our back patio. Or we may visit the Granville Library, or shop at Kix Mix Bookstore and graze the Downtown Newark Area.

Nightlife here is best when I meet friends for a drink at Broadway Pub or go to a show at Thirty One West or the Midland Theatre. We have local breweries and wineries abound! Something that a busy, working mom doesn’t mind taking advantage of.

When I am able, I choose to buy local. From the coffee shops where I arrange work meetings, to the flower shop I use to send flowers to my friends, and the boutiques I shop to buy gifts. My eggs come from a friend’s local farm – not Wal Mart. My son uses goat soap to ease his eczema, which I buy at the Farmers’ Market. Even our ice cream is locally made a few towns over at Velvet Ice Cream in Utica.

Licking County makes it easy to live a simple and relaxed way of life by providing the resources to make life flow. It makes a typical routine one to look forward to. That is why I recommend Licking County as the best place to live and raise a family!


Olivia Biggs serves Public Information Officer for the Licking County Health Department and is a resident of Granville, OH.




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