Guest Column: Newark Advocate's 20 Under 40 Spotlight

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 by Taylor Downes

I did what most young people do right out of college, move away.


I moved to Connecticut. The New England State where people claim to have the best pizza and to have invented the hamburger. I will not debate either topic here—but I love pizza and hamburgers.


In any case, I made the move shortly after college for both a career opportunity and a desire to be somewhere new. The career opportunity was my first role Evo Design and although enjoyable and a great experience (and yes, the pizza is really good), I still moved back.


Fast forward a few years, two companies in-between that of my first and current roles at Evo Design, and my inevitable return back to Licking County and I can now honestly say, not only is this home literally but it is home in every sense of the word. 


It wasn’t until I became my young-professional-self, that I realized how truly amazing Licking County is and how much our community has to offer not just young professionals, recent college grads, and young families, but the community of people that have called this place home for multiple generations.


Licking County continues to offer more and more each year; hence, after I rejoined the team at Evo Design in my current role as the VP, I eagerly and easily pitched the idea of Newark being Evo Design’s second studio location.


Between my time with Young Leaders of Licking County, the great places I love to frequent like, the Works Museum, Canal Market District, Dawes Arboretum and even the great opportunity I take advantage of to volunteer at the Licking County Humane Society, I love this community and I knew anyone we hired for our second studio would feel the same.



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