Brewing in Licking County

Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 by Nate Strum


Anyone who has met me knows that I am a H-U-G-E craft beer fan.  When I lived in Pittsburgh, I would LOVE going out with friends and trying the newest microbrewery and learning about their spin on a certain style of beer.

After moving to Licking County, I have loved visiting Homestead Beer Co., Buckeye Lake Brewery, or 3 Tigers Brewing (our newest brewery in Granville).  But all of this got me thinking -- what's the economic impact of the brewing economy?  

According to a 2014 report - significant.  $10.8 BILLION in Ohio, alone.  It helps that we have some behemoths here in Ohio with Anheuser-Busch & MillerCoors facilities in the state -- but there are also 130 small to mid-sized breweries located throughout Ohio.  These include stalwarts Samuel Adams as well as Great Lakes Brewing Company (as well as our local favorites).  But there is so much more.  From the farmer who grows and harvests the raw goods, to the brewery team, to the truck drivers who haul the beer, to the distributors -- on average, the beer industry creates 34 direct full-time equivalent jobs

So this summer -- as you relax at your favorite restaurant or bar -- make sure to tip back one back for your favorite local brewer ... and remember, drink local; drink responsibly. 

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